Virtual Lecture series – Coffee break… and learn!
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We launched a new series to showcase technological advancements and quick tutorials on Geoscience ANALYST features. Join your peers and industry leaders for about 15 minutes on every second Thursday of the month, at 11:00am Pacific Time.

In this video, Dominique Fournier shows a Python GUI that runs SimPEG EM1D through Geoscience ANALYST. He inverted frequency- and time-domain data to model the depth and extent of conductive mineralization.

In 20 minutes he shows how to:

  • Import EM data in Geosoft GDB format
  • Run constrained inversion with an overburden model
  • Compare results using line profiles and model slicer

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Dominique is a Scientific Programmer who focuses on advanced magnetic vector inversion for greenfeld exploration projects. He has extensive experience in the development of software for non-linear inverse problems, data integration and clustering, and geological interpretation. His experience and academic profile provide an ideal background to continue development of our geophysical software. Dominique has a PhDhis in geophysics at the University of British Columbia and is based in Vancouver.

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Developer’s sandbox
June, 08 2020

Advanced drillhole planning and monitoring

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Case studies
September, 01 2019

Machine learning in mineral exploration

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Software releases
October, 31 2018

GOCAD Mining Suite release

Version 17 update2 will definitely improve your modelling experience. The focus is on user experience and stability....
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Virtual Lecture – Archive
November, 03 2020

Clustering data stored on geoh5 objects

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April, 01 2019

Q&A Mineral Resources Tasmania

The construction of plausible geological models. 3D interpretation and modelling process is of a cyclical nature...
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Software tips
April, 03 2019

Bounding boxes in the viewer

Coloured bounding boxes are used to highlight volumes in the Viewport: A purple box surrounds your current selection...
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Software tips
August, 03 2020

Have you Scene this?

In GOCAD Mining Suite v19, you can save the view as a Scene by right-clicking on the 3D Viewer > (Scene) Save As…
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Case studies
February, 16 2019

Mutooroo Iron Project area, Australia

Geophysical detection of hydrothermal alteration footprints. Presented at AEGC2018 by John McGaughey...
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Software tips
January, 11 2021

Upload global descriptions

In Geoscience INTEGRATOR, add an editable global description during import to save time and reduce errors...
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Software tips
October, 05 2020

Linking cursors

In Geoscience ANALYST you can use the Link Cursors button to helps to track the location of your cursor across multiple Viewports...
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Stratigraphic interpretation and modelling
March, 06 2020

Coal industry solutions

Our coal solution provides users the simplicity of 2D grid modelling with the geological complexity of 3D volumetric surface modelling...
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Software tips
May, 03 2021

Rock reclassification editor

In GOCAD Mining Suite, you can simplify logging codes for modelling projects and data management using the Rock reclassification editor...
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