GOCAD® Mining Suite version 19 update1

This version focuses on licensing updates and stability fixes across many plugins. The Licence Manager has been updated to address vulnerabilities. Additional functionality beyond performance and usability improvements includes, but is not limited to, improved 2D distance calculation algorithm to compute true 2D distance from nodes and curve objects; rotated VPmg models from closed surfaces are now exporting correctly; and the utility to convert from array data to a draped point cloud in depth has been improved. SKUA-GOCAD support pack 1 has been included in our installer.

Geoscience ANALYST version 3.2

This version includes new drillhole planning tools, upgrades to the 2D Profile Viewer, new and renamed themes to help you locate data in a more intuitive way, and 3D wireframe-surface creation of geological contacts directly from inversion of geophysical data. Geoscience ANALYST Pro continues to offer low-cost geophysical tools with unlimited gravity and magnetic inversions. New functionality allows physical property attribution of lithology block models for easy geophysical forward modelling to compare to field data. Discover where your geological model is not supported by your geophysical data with just a few clicks of the mouse! Pro Geophysics now runs UBC-GIF DCIP3D and DC/IP OcTree inversion programs, in addition to gravity and magnetics (including gradiometry, vector, and OcTree), DC/IP, and MT/ZTEM forward modelling and inversion codes. It is now possible to run VPmg homogeneous-lithology inversions and import VP Geophysics Suite mesh objects from VPmg, VPem1D, and VPem3D model files. Find out more through these two videos:

Geoscience INTEGRATOR version 3.5

This version includes new themes such as: Targets, Anomalies, Geophysics – Inversions, Topography, Culture, Claims, and Boundaries. Several themes have also been renamed to help you locate data in a more intuitive way. The data set ranges in the “Geochemistry & mineralogy” and “Rock properties” themes are now automatically set by the system using the xyz location of the samples. In addition to the data set search filters, it is now possible to search by metadata. Drillhole filters have also been added to the user interface to allow the filtering of core samples by drillhole ID. Useful improvements to scatter plots. It is now possible to plot more than 50 000 points. The tooltip labels limit has increased to 300 000. It is possible to adjust node sizing, choose between various colour spectrums, take snapshots, zoom to area, and toggle on spike lines. You can also show/hide classes using the classification legend.

Latest news

Software releases
June, 11 2019

Geoscience ANALYST release

In version 2.80, many new features and improvements are introduced. Loading and saving of the Workspace as well...
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Geoscience ANALYST
August, 19 2021

Drillhole data interpretation – Geoscience ANALYST free viewer and Python

Past event, link to the recording is available here...
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Software tips
August, 08 2022

ODBC drillhole import

In Geoscience ANALYST you can import drillholes straight from your ODBC database...
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Geoscience ANALYST
January, 21 2020

UBC-GIF or VP Suite inversion?

"The programs are complementary, and the combination gives one the ultimate flexibility in potential-field inversion,” says Kristofer Davis, Scientific Programmer at Mira Geoscience.
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Software tips
March, 02 2022

Filtering time-based data

In Geoscience INTEGRATOR, there are various ways to filter time-based data, by shirts, property, or even day intervals...
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December, 07 2020

Footprints project public data repository available soon

Project-generated and previously public data, models, and documents from the NSERC-CMIC mineral exploration project, “Integrated Multi-Parameter Footprints of Ore Systems...
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GOCAD Mining Suite
March, 01 2022

The value of using structural restoration tools in exploration modelling – Virtual Lecture

Watch recording - Jean-Philippe shows the use of structural restoration tools in GMS as a modelling tool for structurally controlled deposits...
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Software tips
April, 01 2020

Clipping isovalues and sections

In Geoscience ANALYST you can clip isovalues and sections by volume using the free visualization tools to focus on areas of interest in any block model...
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Software tips
September, 01 2022

Drillhole Statistics

In Geoscience ANALYST you can compute drillholes’ deviation statistics. These include...
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Software tips
April, 03 2019

Bounding boxes in the viewer

Coloured bounding boxes are used to highlight volumes in the Viewport: A purple box surrounds your current selection...
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Software tips
June, 07 2021

Dynamically turn on/off classes in scatter plots

In Geoscience INTEGRATOR, you can turn on/off classes in scatter plots...
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Developer’s sandbox
September, 23 2020

Python applications for geoscientific problems

geoh5py and geoapps - Open format, open source code, and open licensed data! Cannot get any better than that!
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