Online – Denver, CO  USA – September 30, 2021


Dominique Fournier, Scientific Programmer at Mira Geoscience, will be presenting: “Running 3D inversion of magnetic and gravity data in Python using free and open-source software”


John McGaughey, President of Mira Geoscience, will be presenting: “Case studies in creating meaningful geological models from geophysical data from the deposit scale to regional scale” and “What is required to make such integration a day-to-day operational reality?”.

Scott Napier, Principal Geophysicist at Mira Geoscience, will also be presenting: “Thoughts on effective geological model parameterization for integration with geophysical data”.

Online – 30 September 2021, 8:30 a.m.–5:00 p.m. – Mountain Time (UTC-6)

More details about the program available here W-06 and here W-09.

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