GOCAD® Mining Suite version 19

In this version, the user interface was redesigned to bring improvements to how you work with the Control Menu, Pages, and Views. A dramatic performance enhancement has been made to display, create, and edit drillhole data in the 3D Viewer, open the Style editor, and edit property settings for drillholes and their logs. Additional functionality beyond performance and usability improvements include the new Spiderweb surface editing tool; the Stereonet displays mean values of data; Fabio Crameri’s Scientific colour maps; and new commands and functionalities were added to the Potential Fields module. Many enhancements were made to improve your experience.

Geoscience ANALYST version 3.1

This version introduces more powerful visualization tools and object types to expand upon the already impressive geoscience toolkit in the free viewer. A new Python API, geoh5py library, was created to manipulate and store a wide range of geoscientific data in geoh5 file format. Users can leverage the powerful visualization capabilities of Geoscience ANALYST along with open-source code from the Python ecosystem. This enabled us to create the mirageoscience-app repository of geoscience applications that will become a central repository to interfaces and applications including geophysical data processing, modelling, and inversion codes. The API package on PyPI is available here: https://pypi.org/project/geoh5py/. In the new version it is now possible to import VP Geophysics Suite mesh objects from VPmg, VPem1D, and VPem3D model files.

Geoscience ANALYST Pro functionality has been expanded to allow attribution of physical properties for easy geophysical forward modelling of lithology block models to compare to field data. Closed curves can be created around point-based objects to use an input for the surface designer. Pro Geophysics now runs UBC-GIF E3DMT and DCIP3D inversion and enhancements were made for better model validation.

VPmg v9.4, VPem1D v4.4, and VPutility v1.3

In the upcoming VP Geophysics Suite release, VPmg has further optimized memory usage in self-demagnetization and general derivative computations. Conjugate gradients are now used in basement inversion. We updated the 3/3 incision style so that it ensures an inactive homogeneous basement set at zero for forward modelling, and updated the weighting functions with drillholes. VPem1D can now read a single input file. New VP Geophysics Suite performance improvements and user-found-fixes were made to improve your modelling and inversion experience.

Latest news

Geoscience ANALYST
February, 17 2020

Bridging the gap

Industry uptake of academic exploration and mining research is often slower than it should be. Academics must focus on innovation and education...
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Software releases
March, 31 2020

Geoscience INTEGRATOR v3.3

This version features database performance improvements for faster import and data query for hazard assessment. It also...
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Software tips
August, 19 2019

Cloning import templates

In Geoscience INTEGRATOR, cloning an import template provides a ready-to-edit copy without having to build a new one from scratch...
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Software tips
February, 14 2020

Filtering data by neighbourhood

In the web UI, you can rapidly filter your data by neighbourhoods and display it in plots, charts, or tables.
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Software tips
July, 10 2020

Improved data analysis

Analyze your data with enhanced histogram display options available in GOCAD Mining Suite v19...
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Software tips
February, 10 2020

Fourier filters

This new Geoscience ANALYST Pro feature allows you to apply Fourier filters on 2D grids using the basic geophysics tools...
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September, 14 2021

IMAGE21 Postconvention Workshops

Come and listen to Dominique Fournier, John McGaughey, and Scott Napier during this postconvention workshop on...
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Case studies
December, 05 2019

Rapid and accurate mapping

We explain how automated generation of alteration maps using radiometric data is well-suited to large-footprint mineral systems...
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Virtual Lecture – Archive
July, 08 2021

Using ioGAS in Geoscience ANALYST Pro – Virtual Lecture

Past event, recording available here...
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Software tips
February, 03 2020

Using search filters

In GOCAD Mining Suite, use filters to find objects efficiently.
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Software tips
May, 11 2020

Copying objects between Workspaces

In Geoscience ANALYST objects can be copied from one Workspace to another by using Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V...
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Software tips
September, 14 2020

Managing import templates

In Geoscience INTEGRATOR it is possible to edit Import template names and no-data values, activate/deactivate templates, see...
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