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We are offering GOCAD Mining Suite online training courses tailored to meet your specific business needs and designed to be flexible to accommodate your schedule. Below we propose three programs to help develop modelling skills, enhance effectiveness, and generate results quickly. These are part of our basic trainings, but we can offer quick refreshers, combinations of software, or more advanced options. We encourage all customers to reach out to us and collaborate in the customization of their training.

Introduction to GOCAD Mining Suite
Through hands-on exercises, you will learn how to open a project, navigate the interface, import multi-disciplinary data, and the basics of 3D visualization and exploratory data analysis. Discover how to construct an integrated 3D geological model and define exploration drillhole targets.

GOCAD Mining Suite Fundamentals
Gain experience with object creation, digitization, and editing. Construct lithological contacts from various data types (e.g. surface geology maps, structural measurements, drillhole pierce points, geophysical data). Build an integrated model and populate it with 3D exploration criteria to compute a mineral potential index.

Potential Fields Interpretation using VPmg
This introductory course introduces the tools available for importing, assessing, and interpreting geophysical data. Construct a 3D magnetic model by interpreting a body from TMI data and computing its magnetic response using VPmg, a 3D modelling and inversion program for gravity, gravity gradient, TMI, and magnetic gradient data.

We are here to provide technical support, help you to meet your professional development needs, and facilitate your business operations, no matter your time zone. The training will be delivered by our team of experts and video recording will become available to you after the event.

Latest events and news

Software releases
April, 16 2019

GIFtools via Geoscience ANALYST

Coming up later in 2019 is the launch of GIFtools, an interface for the industry-standard UBC-GIF forward modelling...
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Developer’s sandbox
September, 13 2013

R&D projects in data management

Over the past couple of years we have been developing skills and technology in practical, business-focused data management as a solid foundation for modelling, analysis, and interpretation.
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Software tips
February, 27 2020

Save classifications as xml

In GOCAD Mining Suite, Saving complex geological classifications, such as for drillholes, allows you to share them with a colleague or...
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Software tips
November, 04 2019

Visualize structural measurements

In GOCAD you can visualize strike and dip measurements as tablets, discs, or orientation vectors by initializing Structural Graphics...
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Software tips
August, 03 2020

Have you Scene this?

In GOCAD Mining Suite v19, you can save the view as a Scene by right-clicking on the 3D Viewer > (Scene) Save As…
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Virtual Lecture
April, 08 2021

What’s new in v3.3 – Geoscience ANALYST – Virtual Lecture

Past event, view recording via our YouTube channel...
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Virtual Lecture – Archive
February, 11 2021

15 tips in 15 minutes – Geoscience ANALYST Free Viewer

Past event, view here or on our YouTube channel...
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Software tips
December, 14 2020

Tagging query results

In Geoscience INTEGRATOR, this allows you to rapidly access that subset of objects. Instead of having to search and select multiple filters every time...
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Software releases
May, 11 2021

New release – Geoscience ANALYST version 3.3

Geoscience ANALYST v3.3 includes tools for hard rock seismic, k-means clustering, scripting, additional inversion styles, drillhole pierce-point constraints...
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Software tips
June, 01 2019

Scientific colour-maps

In GOCAD, use F. Crameri's Scientific colour-maps. These colour-maps are perceptually...
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November, 22 2019

Q&A ERO Copper Corp

We discussed Mira Geoscience’s contribution to further understand the Mineração Caraíba project area using modern exploration techniques...
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Software tips
December, 01 2020

Editing property transparency

In GOCAD Mining Suite, when you select a property its transparency can be edited...
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