This version includes custom discrete colour scales for charts, reports, and mine layouts. Filtering of elements that have or do not have files/maps/plans/sections associated to them is now possible. Effective date field and search filter for files and maps have been added to the File manager and Maps/plans/section repositories. The Data set explorer now displays all the data sets together, regardless of whether or not they contain tabular data. The new interactive time series charts contain options for filtering and zooming directly in the chart. The Earth model themes have been given more inclusive names.

3.8 includes a lot of new geohazard-related back-end features. Also, historic geohazard assessment data is archived to improve database performance and provide faster data access for hazard analysis.

Several usability and productivity improvements are introduced in Geoscience ANALYST v4.0, the 3D visual front end and 3D data set search tool for Geoscience INTEGRATOR. There is a new Project tab next to the Workspace tab. Tags and Data sets associations are available in the Files and Maps/plans/sections tables, allowing you to use the search feature to find files related to a tag or a data set. Files and Maps can be accessed directly from individual drillholes and from individual records to which they have been associated. You can now use Contains and Does not contain filters on text fields. It is possible to filter samples by the drillhole they are located on.

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June, 11 2019

Geoscience ANALYST release

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Display property values as text

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February, 14 2020

Filtering data by neighbourhood

In the web UI, you can rapidly filter your data by neighbourhoods and display it in plots, charts, or tables.
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December, 13 2021

New layout for the data set summaries in Geoscience ANLAYST v3.4

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December, 06 2019

Women Geoscientists in Canada

We are proud sponsors of WGC, advocates for increased gender balance within geosciences...
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Developer’s sandbox
September, 01 2022

geoh5 open format

We developed geoh5 based on free and open-source HDF5 technology because of its many advantages: wide acceptance across numerous data-intensive industries...
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Geoscience ANALYST
September, 23 2021

Including water bodies in gravity and magnetic inversion modelling – Geoscience ANALYST Pro Geophysics

Thomas Campagne demonstrated how to explicitly include bathymetry in inversion modelling of near-shore gravity data...
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December, 02 2021

Importing objects from project

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May, 18 2020

Data fusion – Automatic sample compilation

In Geoscience INTEGRATOR, the Sample compilation page offers powerful tools to support the analysis of complex or difficult-to-view relationships within your sample data...
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March, 08 2021

Python API live link

In Geoscience ANALYST you can enable a monitoring directory to instantly visualize and analyze the results...
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February, 03 2020

Using search filters

In GOCAD Mining Suite, use filters to find objects efficiently.
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Software tips
January, 03 2019

Customizing metadata

Version 3.0 of Geoscience INTEGRATOR has a new layout for data set summaries that allows you to document any general information as custom...
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