Geoscience INTEGRATOR v3.2 release

New features and improvements are introduced in this release. With this version, mine level plans can be included in geohazard reports and in the web UI for better visualization of the mine model fusion data. It is possible to enter tabular/record data in the Ground, Borehole and Airborne geophysics themes. Also, we added “Production area” theme, designed for stope, mining room and drawpoint data. Links in the data set summaries allow automatic filtering of files in the File manager, and in Maps/sections/plans pages. You can also filter files in the File manager, and in Maps/sections/plans by data set.

Other updates include a customized quick-start guide with each deployment and the possibility to upload multiple files, maps, plans or sections in one step. Other fixes were made to improve your experience.

Details about the product available here

Latest news

Geoscience ANALYST
February, 10 2022

Crustal scale gravity modelling and isostatic correction over central Chile

View recording - Thomas demonstrates how to apply an isostatic correction to gravity data through a case study over central Chile using...
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Geoscience ANALYST
September, 28 2021

New release – Geoscience ANALYST v3.4

Coming soon to Geoscience ANALYST, SEG-Y 2D importers, compute the inertia curve for K-means clustering, expanded connections to VP Geophysics, SimPEG, and Python...
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Software tips
July, 20 2020

Data set summaries

In Geoscience INTEGRATOR The Data set explorer provides simple, immediate ‘dashboard’ access to all the data sets, and their summary information...
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Software tips
April, 01 2020

Clipping isovalues and sections

In Geoscience ANALYST you can clip isovalues and sections by volume using the free visualization tools to focus on areas of interest in any block model...
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November, 22 2019

Q&A ERO Copper Corp

We discussed Mira Geoscience’s contribution to further understand the Mineração Caraíba project area using modern exploration techniques...
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How to video
April, 14 2022

3D drillhole design and monitoring in Geoscience ANALYST Pro v4.0 – Virtual Lecture

Jennifer shows the new and updated drillhole design and monitoring tools in Geoscience ANALYST 4.0...
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Software releases
May, 08 2019

GOCAD Mining Suite release

We released v17u3. It includes two long-awaited features – Coordinate Reference System re-projection for atomic objects...
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May, 11 2022

Xplor 2022

Drop by our booth to say hi, discuss a potential consulting project, or discover what's new...
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Software tips
September, 13 2021

Manual classifications vs Project classifications

In Geoscience INTEGRATOR, There are two ways to create classifications when importing data...
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Software tips
November, 02 2020

Taskbar icons

In GOCAD Mining Suite, icons are added to the taskbar when you open windows such as another 3D Viewer or the 3D-GIS Query panel...
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Software tips
June, 02 2019

Adding comments to folders and objects

In Geoscience ANALYST, text comments and website links can be added in the Data Table...
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About us
January, 10 2018

UDMN Award of Excellence

Geoscience INTEGRATOR wins - Last December, UDMN presented us with an Outstanding Achievement in Commercialization...
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