The free viewer includes new importers for ERMapper (ers) as well as SEG-Y 2D file formats and other import enhancements. A new visual parameter allows the generation of contours on 2D grid properties.

Geoscience ANALYST Pro now offers the ability to compute the inertia curve for K-means clustering, export reference data colour tables to csv, add rates and comments on the 2D-profile point picker, down-sample large data sets, and transfer data between objects. You can specify a Python.exe location in the user preferences. Geoscience ANALYST Pro continues to offer low-cost geophysical tools, now with the addition of EM-channel editing and merging, and changing coordinate locations on DC/IP objects.

Pro Geophysics continues to expand upon its connection to VP Geophysics Suite and now supports connection to on-premise, high-performance computing. A waveform designer for TEM data, new options for Maxwell channel files, a new UI for assigning uncertainties, and complete I/O for TEM data are now included. The open-source tool catalogue welcomes a new GUI for gravity, magnetic, and DC/IP 3D inversion (SimPEG), an update to the latest SimPEG v0.5, and implementation of the DC/IP survey type in the geoh5py Python API. VPmg heterogeneous inversions are now also available in Pro Geophysics.

Usability updates and upgrades to Geoscience ANALYST as the visual interface to the Geoscience INTEGRATOR data management system include redesigned data set and workspace tabs, filtering samples by drillholes, and support for drillhole static data types.

Find out more. On November 18, at 11:00am Pacific Time. Carla Gonzales will present What’s new in Geoscience ANALYST 3.4.

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