What’s new in software:

Geoscience ANALYST 3.0.2 focuses on functionality upgrades within the Geoscience INTEGRATOR link, along with other updates to general functionality.

Geoscience ANALYST Free Viewer

  • IMAGO connection updated to use the best image for the selection
  • ioGAS 7.2 graphics supported
  • Updated Russian interface and User Guide

Geoscience INTEGRATOR link

  • Three new geophysics themes have been included
  • Neighbourhoods can be visualized in 3D
  • Drillhole queries performance has been optimized
  • Filter list search box
  • Data set summaries now contain property units, file size, and file type
  • Multiple files can be loaded at once from the Workspace tab

Geoscience ANALYST Pro

  • Live link graphics updated to ioGAS 7.2

Download release notes, installer, and sample data now.

More information about the product available here

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Geoscience ANALYST
January, 21 2020

UBC-GIF or VP Suite inversion?

"The programs are complementary, and the combination gives one the ultimate flexibility in potential-field inversion,” says Kristofer Davis, Scientific Programmer at Mira Geoscience.
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Software releases
May, 08 2019

GOCAD Mining Suite release

We released v17u3. It includes two long-awaited features – Coordinate Reference System re-projection for atomic objects...
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Software releases
July, 27 2020

Geoscience INTEGRATOR v3.4

This version features various improvements to visualization and filtering in the mine model compilation, such as sharper...
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Software tips
May, 04 2020

Sneak peek v19

Emerson-Paradigm released a short video to help users become acquainted with the redesigned interface. Watch this short video ...
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Software tips
April, 03 2019

Bounding boxes in the viewer

Coloured bounding boxes are used to highlight volumes in the Viewport: A purple box surrounds your current selection...
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Software releases
June, 11 2019

Geoscience ANALYST release

In version 2.80, many new features and improvements are introduced. Loading and saving of the Workspace as well...
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Software tips
January, 01 2019

Assign geological features

In GOCAD, the Assign Data to Geologic Features window now has mining categories to facilitate more efficient organization...
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Software tips
October, 05 2020

Linking cursors

In Geoscience ANALYST you can use the Link Cursors button to helps to track the location of your cursor across multiple Viewports...
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Software releases
January, 15 2019

Geoscience INTEGRATOR AI for exploration

Geoscience INTEGRATOR, the missing AI link for exploration. This unique web-based data management system is designed...
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Software tips
September, 02 2019

Creating properties within the script editor

In GOCAD, properties can be created within the Property Script Editor by typing the new property name in the script and then clicking Define Variables…
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Virtual Lecture – Archive
January, 19 2021

Depth-to-basement inversion using geometry and homogeneous VPmg inversion

Join us on February 11 - 11am Pacific Time as learn how to invert geophysical data to find depth of basement...
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Software tips
August, 10 2020

Importing and visualizing VP Geophysics models

In Geoscience ANALYST v3.1, VP Model objects can now be imported by a simple drag and drop! You can then visualize the model and,...
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