What’s new in software:

Geoscience ANALYST 3.0.2 focuses on functionality upgrades within the Geoscience INTEGRATOR link, along with other updates to general functionality.

Geoscience ANALYST Free Viewer

  • IMAGO connection updated to use the best image for the selection
  • ioGAS 7.2 graphics supported
  • Updated Russian interface and User Guide

Geoscience INTEGRATOR link

  • Three new geophysics themes have been included
  • Neighbourhoods can be visualized in 3D
  • Drillhole queries performance has been optimized
  • Filter list search box
  • Data set summaries now contain property units, file size, and file type
  • Multiple files can be loaded at once from the Workspace tab

Geoscience ANALYST Pro

  • Live link graphics updated to ioGAS 7.2

Download release notes, installer, and sample data now.

More information about the product available here

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Python API live link

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July, 15 2019

Extracting property names from a CSV

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July, 01 2019

Imago drillhole imagery light table connection

In GOCAD, you can now connect to your Imago account by...
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November, 18 2019

Uploading multiple files

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January, 04 2021

Editing property’s colormap

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How to run gravity inversions in a geologically driven way

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April, 13 2020

Quick selection search tool

In Geoscience INTEGRATOR we added a search box to help you find objects lists such as drillholes, samples, or stations that often have thousands of items...
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Software tips
April, 01 2020

Clipping isovalues and sections

In Geoscience ANALYST you can clip isovalues and sections by volume using the free visualization tools to focus on areas of interest in any block model...
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Software releases
June, 12 2019

VPmg, VPem1D and VPutility release

VP Geophysics Suite releases: VPmg version 9.3, VPem1D version 4.3 and VPutility version 1.2...
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Software tips
August, 03 2020

Have you Scene this?

In GOCAD Mining Suite v19, you can save the view as a Scene by right-clicking on the 3D Viewer > (Scene) Save As…
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