What’s new in software:

Geoscience ANALYST 3.0.2 focuses on functionality upgrades within the Geoscience INTEGRATOR link, along with other updates to general functionality.

Geoscience ANALYST Free Viewer

  • IMAGO connection updated to use the best image for the selection
  • ioGAS 7.2 graphics supported
  • Updated Russian interface and User Guide

Geoscience INTEGRATOR link

  • Three new geophysics themes have been included
  • Neighbourhoods can be visualized in 3D
  • Drillhole queries performance has been optimized
  • Filter list search box
  • Data set summaries now contain property units, file size, and file type
  • Multiple files can be loaded at once from the Workspace tab

Geoscience ANALYST Pro

  • Live link graphics updated to ioGAS 7.2

Download release notes, installer, and sample data now.

More information about the product available here

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Online professional training

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Adding comments to folders and objects

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Peak finder – Geoscience ANALYST geoapps: Python application

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Arbitrary sections

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New clustering application in geoapps

geoapps - Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA), rock classification generation, or map alteration footprints
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Geoscience INTEGRATOR v3.3

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Display multiple objects

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Using ioGAS in Geoscience ANALYST Pro – Virtual Lecture

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November, 17 2020

Using magnetic susceptibility measurements to define mineral exploration targets

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Q&A Revival Gold Inc.

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