This version includes new importers for ASCII drillhole target objects as well as 3D DC/IP and SEG-Y (Landmark, GeoQuest, and CGG) file formats. Geoscience ANALYST Pro now offers enhanced drillhole design tools, a mathematical and logical data scripting interface, K-means clustering to identify data groups, and a seismic survey planning tool. Pro Geophysics continues to expand upon its connection to VP Geophysics Suite with additional inversion styles and drillhole pierce-point constraints. The MATLAB API dependency has been removed, making Pro Geophysics lighter and faster.

Why Geoscience ANALYST?

…for geologists―target, design, and manage drilling
…for geochemists―3D contextual analysis and interpretation
…for geophysicists―advanced modelling and inversion across all non-seismic methods
…for anyone―visualize, analyze, integrate, interpret, script, connect to Python, share

Find out more in next week’s lecture as Carla Gonzalez presents “What’s new in Geoscience ANALYST 3.3”. Register now as places are limited.

Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our support and licensing teams at and

Find out more. On May 13, at 11:00am Pacific Time, Carla Gonzales will present “What’s new in Geoscience ANALYST 3.3”.

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DC resistivity inversion in Geoscience ANALYST Pro Geophysics

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