Mineral systems interpretation and targeting

We provide the knowledge and tools for the integration of data, enabling accurate 3D interpretation and modelling of complete geological frameworks using a mineral systems approach.

Successful 3D targeting requires a team of experts that understands how to manage complex, multidisciplinary earth modelling projects. Our team understands and can recognize key ore system exploration criteria in your data through fully integrated geological modelling, geophysical inversion, and geochemical interpretation. We have the experts, technology, and experience to manage and execute projects from data compilation to target generation and drillhole planning. We work with customers on turnkey projects from data to target, or on any part of the exploration workflow where our interpretational advice and technical skills add value to the understanding of ore forming systems. We have developed and proved our straightforward, quantitative target-generation methodology over many years of project work across a broad range of scales, regions, and commodities.
We apply our advanced geological modelling and geophysical inversion capability to create a fully integrated interpretation that captures all the relevant exploration criteria in a single earth model. Exploration criteria are combined using knowledge-driven and data-driven frameworks into a 3D model of relative probability of mineral deposit occurrence that can be used directly for drillhole targeting decisions.
Our team works across the complete spectrum of geophysical techniques. We provide analytical and interpretational value in ore body detectability analysis, survey design, geologically-constrained inversion, 3D geological modelling, integrated interpretation, drillhole targeting, contract geophysical research, and geophysical software development.

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"We are very encouraged by this discovery. The intersection comes after only four months of exploration in this area, testing two targets generated through GOCAD and 3D modelling of the Central Camp. The intersection confirms the value of our integrated 3D database and the benefit of integrating traditional and new technologies to generate new targets in this historically prolific area."

David RiggPresident and CEO of Alexis Mineral Corp.

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Mineral systems interpretation and targeting
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A single platform for mineral system interpretation

We use the industry’s best available technology to create fully integrated earth models of any complexity. GOCAD Mining Suite is the unifying software platform that enables our consultants to integrate and interpret multidisciplinary data from disparate sources into a single, quantitatively consistent targeting model. 3D geological models are attributed with petrophysical properties and adjusted to quantitively match the geophysical field data. Our structural, formational, and facies modelling tools ensure that the 3D geological models respect a consistent structural, stratigraphic, and topological framework. We work with an extensive set of 3D-GIS, exploratory data analysis, and visualization tools to ensure data integrity and enhance interpretational insight. Our Targeting Workflow module provides an intuitive software interface to manage both knowledge-driven and data-driven approaches to identify and rank exploration targets, a technology foundation that provides our team with an explicit, repeatable, auditable chain of reasoning from the conceptual model, to the data, and to the targets.

Data sets we work with

Mira Geoscience ensures fast, intuitive, and accurate 3D earth models, regardless of your data types. We work with geological, geophysical, geochemical, and geotechnical data from different mining industry formats: ArcGIS, MapInfo, AutoCAD, GOCAD/SKUA, Gemcom, Surpac, CAE Studio, Vulcan, Geosoft, Leapfrog, ER Mapper, ioGAS, UBC-GIF, VPmg, Profile Analyst, Maxwell, and others.

Our team of experts

Our specialized exploration targeting services rely on the experience of a seasoned and innovative multidisciplinary team. Our geologists and geophysicists work closely with you to build an integrated 3D targeting model that captures the criteria that are relevant to your conceptual exploration model. Our straightforward process facilitates the definition of exploration objectives, target criteria, and modelling actions. Our team has the experience to work with you to translate conceptual exploration models into data requirements and modelling actions across the spectrum of mineral commodities and deposit types. We provide guidance and services from model inception to the deployment of 3D expert-system targeting workflows.

Our team of experts

Please contact our team for additional information about our products and services