Geostatistics and machine learning

We offer solutions and knowledge to properly conduct exploratory data analysis, interpolations, simulations, and enhanced interpretation leveraging the power of machine learning algorithms.

Increasing data volume and complexity calls for powerful interpretation and interpolation tools. We take advantage of advanced geostatistical analysis in harnessing the full potential of GOCAD Mining Suite. Our asset team conducts exploratory data analysis in order to better understand the relationships between geological, geochemical, and geophysical data sets. We offer conventional linear interpolation solutions to generate grids, soil maps, block model properties, etc. We also have the expertise and technology for better managing geological project risk using non-linear interpolation methods, such as conditional simulation and multipoint simulation using training images. These approaches are well known in the oil and gas industry and constitute an excellent way to optimize drilling grids and sampling spacing to decrease exploration cost.
At Mira Geoscience we have expertise in applying machine learning algorithms as custom solutions to complex geological and geotechnical problems. Our team is proficient at identifying the right algorithm to solve a given problem and evaluate its performance in prediction outcomes.

We apply our advanced geological modelling and geophysical inversion capability to create a fully integrated interpretation that captures all the relevant exploration criteria in a single earth model. Exploration criteria are combined using knowledge-driven and data-driven frameworks into a 3D model of relative probability of mineral deposit occurrence that can be used directly for drillhole targeting decisions.
Our team works across the complete spectrum of geophysical techniques. We provide analytical and interpretational value in ore body detectability analysis, survey design, geologically-constrained inversion, 3D geological modelling, integrated interpretation, drillhole targeting, contract geophysical research, and geophysical software development.

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Machine learning is often seen as a black box—hard to interpret and trust. Our experts have developed an in-depth knowledge of the machine learning world and are able to exploit the advantages of both supervised and unsupervised learning.

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Software tips
April, 13 2020

Quick selection search tool

In Geoscience INTEGRATOR we added a search box to help you find objects lists such as drillholes, samples, or stations that often have thousands of items...
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February, 11 2021

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Past event, view here or on our YouTube channel...
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Software tips
October, 19 2020

Viewing data from report items

In Geoscience INTEGRATOR table and chart items from ad-hoc or scheduled reports can be easily refreshed, using the same filters that were applied in the original report, to display current data.
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November, 22 2019

Q&A ERO Copper Corp

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December, 07 2020

Footprints project public data repository available soon

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March, 02 2019

2D map view

2D data can be viewed using the Panels menu > Add map view viewport. 3D data can be shown in the 2D view...
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Deep Learning as an alternative to downward continuation filters for structural interpretation

Jean-Philippe Paiement is presenting a KEGS talk on November 9, 2021...
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July, 10 2020

Improved data analysis

Analyze your data with enhanced histogram display options available in GOCAD Mining Suite v19...
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Advanced geostatistics

Mira Geoscience is dedicated to working with clients to reduce exploration risk. Our advanced geostatistical tools enable our team to better assess relationships in data without compromising data dimensionality or subtleties. We offer a wide range of advanced methods in addition to traditional geostatistics and interpolation methods, including simulation of geological models to assess variability in geological domains to better plan exploration drilling and improve resource classification. Simulation of geological data with synthetic drill grids enables us to optimize drill patterns, decreasing the risk and costs of mineral exploration.

Machine learning solutions

Machine learning is often seen as a black box—hard to interpret and trust. Our experts have developed an in-depth knowledge of the machine learning world and are able to exploit the advantages of both supervised and unsupervised learning. Since each problem must be taken individually, we offer customizable algorithm selection and prediction performance evaluation to make sure you get the best results out of your data. We have developed a significant expertise in leveraging the power of artificial intelligence to solve problems in identifying the alteration footprints of mineral systems, classification of borehole geophysical data into consistent lithological categories, and assessing geotechnical hazard.  

Data sets we work with

Mira Geoscience ensures fast, intuitive, and accurate geostatistics and predictive models, regardless of your data types. We work with geological, geophysical, geochemical, and geotechnical data from different mining industry formats. We also have access to numerous predictive algorithms and cloud computing platforms to suit your project’s needs.

Our team of experts

Our specialized geostatistics and machine learning services offer an innovative approach by industry leaders in the geology field. Our geologists, geophysicists and software programmers work together to find the most efficient solution to big data problems. We work in close collaboration with clients to ensure that our geostatistical or predictive models are tailormade to help them bring their project to the next level.  

Our team of experts

Please contact our team for additional information about our products and services