Geological interpretation and 3D modelling

We provide the knowledge and tools for the construction of 3D models and interpretation of complete geological frameworks supported and cross-validated by multiple data sets.

Major discoveries are declining and increasingly difficult to find, with greater focus on exploration at depth or under cover. Decisions must focus on decreasing risk through sound, quantitative interpretation, mitigating uncertainty in 3D geological modelling, analysis, and interpretation. Our integrated modelling approach provides answers to specific geoscientific questions supported by all available multi-disciplinary data. Independent interpretations of geological, geochemical, and geophysical data are no longer good enough in today’s challenging exploration environment. Mira Geoscience has extensive experience in working across a wide range of scales—from deposit to camp to regional.

Our team works with a broad spectrum of data types and modelling technology to generate and deliver meaningful, client-driven models for decision making in exploration targeting and geotechnical hazard assessment. We have deep expertise in managing complex modelling projects: from setting concrete objectives, to detailed modelling workflows, to products focused on supporting business decisions. Our experts work with clients around the world, from juniors to majors, and across all commodity types to provide valuable insight and interpretation, and easy communication of ideas and results.

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Our team understands and can recognize key ore system exploration criteria in your data through fully integrated geological modelling. An essential step as major discoveries are declining and increasingly difficult to find.

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No-data values on import templates

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Using Geoscience ANALYST for unsupervised learning (basics) – Masterclass

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Geoscience ANALYST
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Peak finder – Geoscience ANALYST geoapps: Python application

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Software releases
May, 28 2020

What’s new in software?

We have three releases coming soon. Explore redesigned UI, experience performance enhancement, and try out new tools for data processing and modelling...
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3D modelling platform

We use the industry’s best available software technology to create geological models of any complexity. Our GOCAD/SKUA-based platform allows for easy transition between the different data commonly used by geologists and geophysicists to work together on a Common Earth Model. We have access to a broad range of implicit, explicit, and parametric modelling tools for the construction of detailed 3D structural, formational, and alteration models. We quantitatively integrate geophysical and petrophysical data into geological modelling, ensuring models that are consistent with all available data. We work with an extensive set of 3D-GIS, exploratory data analysis, and visualization tools to ensure data integrity and enhance interpretational insight.

Data sets we work with

Mira Geoscience ensures fast, intuitive, and accurate 3D earth models, regardless of your data types. We work with geological, geophysical, geochemical, and geotechnical data from different mining industry formats: ArcGIS, MapInfo, AutoCAD, GOCAD/SKUA, Gemcom, Surpac, CAE Studio, Vulcan, Geosoft, Leapfrog, ER Mapper, ioGAS, UBC-GIF, VPmg, Profile Analyst, Maxwell, and others.

Our team of experts

We work to provide answers to the most complex modelling and interpreting challenges using industry best practices. With years of experience carrying out complex projects, we are specialists in finding innovative ways to provide our clients with a clear understanding of their geological environment. We provide focused solutions for successful exploration targeting, resource modelling, and geotechnical hazard assessment. We have the expertise to increase the value and go beyond the limitations of the available data. Deploying a robust integration framework has proved repeatedly to be a cost-effective way of adding value. We will meet anywhere for project review, interpretation, or investment purposes.

Our team of experts

Please contact our team for additional information about our products and services