In the last few months, we have had the pleasure to start new consulting projects and add new mining companies, geological surveys, and universities to our already long list of clients. With offices around the world, our team of geoscientists, geological consultants, and geophysical consultants are there to deliver meaningful, tailored models to support decision-making in exploration drillhole targeting and geotechnical hazard assessment. We work with an extensive network of mining-industry technical experts to bring the best possible team to 3D geoscience project challenges.

Our consulting team has been working on traditional integrated interpretation and geophysics-focussed projects, but we have also been busy on novel uses of our skills and powerful interpretation tools. We are tackling uncertainty estimation in structural models, the use of discrete fracture networks for Au-vein grade prediction, and unsupervised learning on geochemical, spectral, and downhole geophysics to help in model interpretation and alteration footprinting. We have also begun work on the development of new filters of gridded magnetics and gravity products to remove signal buffering related to cover sequences.

To highlight some new collaborations:

Later this year, we will be working with Sixty North Gold Mining Ltd. to develop a 3D integrated interpretation of existing VTEM and other exploration data to refine drillhole targeting at the Mon Gold Property, Canada.

In a statement posted in September 2020, Dr. Dave Webb, President and CEO states, “We’re pleased to move forward on the silver- and gold-rich VMS. Mira’s expertise in extracting useful information from the geophysical data will assist us in targeting our drill holes with precision and accuracy.” Sixty North Gold Announces Engagement of Mira Geoscience for Modelling…

Triumph Gold Corp. announced their 2020 exploration program at Freegold Mountain Project, Canada. It includes our modelling work surrounding the Revenue Resource area to identify gold targets related to the gold-rich porphyry copper mineralization.

In a statement posted in July 2020, John Anderson, Executive Chairman states, “The primary goal of the proposed exploration program is to significantly advance underexplored, near-surface gold targets of the Freegold Mountain Project.” Triumph Gold Announces 2020 Exploration Program at Freegold Mountain Project, Yukon

Earlier this summer, we delivered an integrated interpretation to O3 Mining Inc., which included constrained inversions for the magnetics and DCIP data together with structural interpretation and probabilistic geological modelling. This integrated interpretation served as a basis to conduct a Machine Learning driven targeting exercise. O3 is already starting to test some of the targets with good results.

In a press release posted in August 2020, Jose Alberto Vizquerra Benavides, President and CEO states, “The application of the Mira Geoscience innovative AI methodology is part of an integrated strategy to accomplish this task and come up with the best targets, which in turn will produce the best results and bring the most value to our shareholders.”… “We are extremely happy with the process and, of course, with the results.” O3 Mining Inc Identifies Over 25 Targets Using Artificial Intelligence On Alpha Property

And, last but not least, we will be working with Twin Metals Minnesota LLC to develop a structural model for their upcoming Feasibility Study of the Maturi deposit, USA.

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Jean-Philippe is our Director of Global Consulting. He brings 10 years of mineral exploration experience including expertise in geostatistics, structural, geological, and geochemical modelling and interpretation. He is skilled in the application of machine learning to overcome geological challenges and with new methods to reduce interpretational risks with geological data. He has a wide range of experience in mineral resource estimation for precious metals, base metals and industrial minerals across diverse geological environments around the world. He obtained an MSc from Laval University. Jean-Philippe is based in Quebec-City.

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