We are proud sponsors of ASEG’s MAG2022 symposium, held on November 9, 2022.

This symposium targets geologists and geophysicists and will cover a large range of case studies ranging from exploration and discovery to evaluation and production of mineral deposits.

James Reid is a Principal Consultant with 25 years’ experience in geophysical exploration. He is currently Director, Mira Geoscience Asia-Pacific. James has a broad interest in integrated interpretation of geophysical and geological data. He has extensive expertise in the planning and quantitative interpretation of electromagnetic and electrical methods, particularly the application of airborne electromagnetics to mineral exploration and groundwater geophysics.

James’ wide spectrum of professional experiences and his problem-solving skills give him the ability to handle difficult or unexpected situations that multidisciplinary projects face. He provides new geoscientific insights to complex mining industry challenges such as the integration of an abundance of data and finding a model that answers all data.

Before joining Mira Geoscience, James was a lecturer in Geophysics at the University of Tasmania from 1999-2006, and a consultant with Geoforce and Groundprobe Geophysics from 2006-2012. He has an MSc in geophysics from the University of Sydney and a PhD in geophysics from Macquarie University. James is based in Perth.

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Developer’s sandbox
May, 28 2020

Using Python with Geoscience ANALYST

A new Geoscience ANALYST Python API, providing the capability of connecting to open source software, is scheduled for release....
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May, 11 2022

Xplor 2022

Drop by our booth to say hi, discuss a potential consulting project, or discover what's new...
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Software tips
March, 01 2021

Sections movies

In GOCAD Mining Suite, you can create a section animation by specifying which section plane you want to visualize...
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Geoscience ANALYST
October, 28 2020

What’s new in Geoscience ANALYST v3.2

Past event, view here or on our YouTube channel...
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Software tips
August, 03 2020

Have you Scene this?

In GOCAD Mining Suite v19, you can save the view as a Scene by right-clicking on the 3D Viewer > (Scene) Save As…
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Software tips
August, 10 2020

Importing and visualizing VP Geophysics models

In Geoscience ANALYST v3.1, VP Model objects can now be imported by a simple drag and drop! You can then visualize the model and,...
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Software tips
June, 15 2020

Arbitrary sections

In Geoscience ANALYST visualize your block model in any direction with the new arbitrary section
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Case studies
March, 29 2015

Using predictive modelling in mineral exploration

We carried out targeting work for IOCG-style mineralisation in the Mt Dore area of QLD, Australia. We produced a 3D model and predictive exploration map...
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Software tips
March, 03 2019

Data set search tools

In Geoscience INTEGRATOR, you can search by data set name or description through the Data set search...
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Software tips
August, 17 2020

Day interval filters

In Geoscience INTEGRATOR the Day interval filter can be used to search your time-based data for “the last X days”, or...
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Software tips
March, 01 2022

Transfer data between objects

In Geoscience ANALYST Pro you can Transfer data between objects...
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Software releases
September, 24 2019

GOCAD Mining Suite upcoming release

Our next GOCAD release takes adventage of usability and improvements implemented by Emerson-Paradigm...
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