Geoscience INTEGRATOR, the missing AI link for exploration

Did you know that the upcoming release of Geoscience INTEGRATOR 3.0 has been greatly adapted to also serve the exploration side of the mining industry? This unique web-based data management system is designed to quantitatively integrate 3D and 4D mineral exploration data sets and interpretation. It is the industry’s first multi-disciplinary, 4D data management framework and, as such, delivers the platform required by computational systems such as AI, that aim to answer questions that only quantitative data integration can answer. Most importantly, the system provides a “data fusion” capability specifically aimed at mining industry problems. This is game-changing technology for the industry, providing a sound, robust solution to the once-intractable problem of integrating highly disparate data across space and time.

About version 3.0 release.

With this version you will be able to create your own metadata fields and search for data sets using keywords, dates, tags, file names, metadata values, or even draw a 3D box via Geoscience ANALYST to see all the data sets belonging to an area of interest.

Additionally, 2D map views are now supported to facilitate analysis on topographic and geological maps, or other required map-based visualizations of models and data. Enhancements were made to the creation of input files for machine learning. Other updates include new exploration and mining themes, and access to layer names within DXF and DWG files.

Details about the product available here

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Software tips
October, 07 2019

Drag-and-drop files into a 3D compilation

In Geoscience ANALYST, you can create a 3D compilation by simply dragging your data right into the Viewport...
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Advanced geophysical interpretation, modelling and inversion
November, 03 2021

Deep Learning as an alternative to downward continuation filters for structural interpretation

Jean-Philippe Paiement proposes an alternative approach to the commonly used downward continuation filters used in the industry...
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Software releases
April, 06 2020

Geoscience ANALYST v3.0.2 release

This version focuses on functionality upgrades within the Geoscience INTEGRATOR link, along with other updates to general functionality...
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May, 30 2019

Q&A Irish Centre for Research in Applied Geosciences

We had a chat with Dr. Roisin Kyne from Teck Resources and Dr. Koen Torremans from iCRAG about the importance of 3D analysis and modelling...
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GOCAD Mining Suite
March, 01 2022

The value of using structural restoration tools in exploration modelling – Virtual Lecture

Watch recording - Jean-Philippe shows the use of structural restoration tools in GMS as a modelling tool for structurally controlled deposits...
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Software tips
April, 03 2019

Bounding boxes in the viewer

Coloured bounding boxes are used to highlight volumes in the Viewport: A purple box surrounds your current selection...
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Case studies
June, 10 2019

Let the data speak!

Four years ago, along with DMT Group, we started working with  JSC Apatit on their Kirovski and Rasvumchorr mines that...
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Software tips
January, 20 2020

Adding reference images

You can add reference images to mine fusion models and hazard reports in Geoscience INTEGRATOR to better orient yourself visually.
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Software tips
December, 09 2019

Simple unconstrained inversion

Computing an unconstrained inversion in Geoscience ANALYST Pro – it’s never been as easy!
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Software tips
June, 02 2021

3D seismic data

In Geoscience ANALYST you can import and visualize 3D seismic data, and plan your next seismic survey with the seismic reflection survey designer....
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Software tips
July, 01 2021


In Geoscience ANALYST Pro the Script on Object Property utility in Geoscience ANALYST Pro can be used in a wide variety of geoscientific applications...
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Geoscience ANALYST
June, 22 2021

Using Python in Geoscience ANALYST Pro – Virtual Lecture

Past event, link available here...
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