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In version 2.70, 2D map views are now supported to better display mine level plans, topographic and geological maps, or other required map-based visualizations of models and data. 3D objects may be displayed in the 2D Viewport, in which they appear projected onto the map view. This version also features a new query panel that connects to Geoscience INTEGRATOR v.3.0 to allow you to find and display data sets intersecting a user-defined volume of interest or matching selected metadata values.

Low and high clipping value within the Data Colours panel can now display data outside the defined range. Other updates include access to text and label layers within AutoCad files as well as new ESRI shapefile types.

Open Government Licence – Canada

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Software tips
February, 03 2019

Organizing files as data sets

In Geoscience INTEGRATOR, a data set is often composed of a group of files of various formats along with metadata. These can be grouped...
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Case studies
April, 30 2019

ERO Copper Curaçá Valley, Brazil

Maximizing value: 3D data integration and interpretation. One of the main challenges in exploration is increasing our subsurface knowledge...
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Developer’s sandbox
August, 13 2015

R&D project with UDMN

We have been awarded a major R&D project from the Ultra Deep Mining Network (UDMN) called “4D Real-Time Geotechnical Hazard Assessment and Reporting”.
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Software tips
August, 01 2021

Data display precision

In Geoscience ANALYST Data Colours panel you can control the precision of the data...
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September, 14 2021

IMAGE21 Postconvention Workshops

Come and listen to Dominique Fournier, John McGaughey, and Scott Napier during this postconvention workshop on...
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Virtual Lecture – Archive
January, 19 2021

Depth-to-basement inversion using geometry and homogeneous VPmg inversion

Past event - View here or on our YouTube channel...
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August, 31 2021

GAC-MAC London

Comme and see us at our booth to say hi, discuss a potential consulting project, or discover what's new in our software...
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Virtual Lecture – Archive
April, 08 2021

GOCAD Mining Suite – A geological modelling powerhouse

Past event, recording link available here...
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April, 01 2019

Q&A Mineral Resources Tasmania

The construction of plausible geological models. 3D interpretation and modelling process is of a cyclical nature...
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Software tips
October, 15 2019

Used v/s available themes

In Geoscience INTEGRATOR, the Theme drop down menu shows a filtered list of those containing data sets by default...
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Software tips
April, 13 2021

Finding data sets by tags and neighbourhoods

In Geoscience INTEGRATOR, you can can lookup data sets by the tags they carry and the neighbourhoods they cover...
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Mineral systems interpretation and targeting
December, 07 2020

Using comment field entries in drillhole databases to automatically re-log lithologies

This approach uses the comment field of the logging table to extract general topics that can then be used as learning features in a supervised machine learning classification approach.
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