Last year, HiSeis approached Mira Geoscience to develop seismic visualization and analysis tools on the Geoscience ANALYST platform.  The development was undertaken via Mira Geoscience’s accelerated development program, in which functionality required by a customer is advanced in return for cost-sharing of the development.  As part of the software development agreement, HiSeis have also joined the Geoscience ANALYST Pro Geophysics Consortium.

With the release of version 3.3, you are able to import 3D SEG-Y through the free viewer, supporting a variety of SEG-Y variants, including Landmark, Schlumberger, and CGG. Geoscience ANALYST allows visualization of seismic cubes with greater than 500 million cells with good, interactive performance. Other standard visualization features include arbitrary slicing of the 3D volume, transparency, chair clipping, and co-rendering of seismic attributes.

Geoscience ANALYST Pro provides a seismic survey planning tool that includes ray path modelling to generate a heat map of the ray density reaching topography from selected shot points to display or to export as grids or as ER Mapper files.

Image: © 2021 RED5 Limited. All rights reserved

“The Pro Geophysics consortium is a significant innovation in how industry can approach pre-competitive technology development.” Says John McGaughey, President of Mira Geoscience, “As a company, we are committed to interoperability because the barriers to it imposed by proprietary software vendors serve neither the interests of technology advancement nor the customers who just need to get things done.”

“As the application of seismic technology in hard rock environments continues to gain momentum, we at HiSeis believe that there is more room to grow through better integration with existing geoscience data and closer collaboration with our customers.” Says Leigh Rigg, CEO of HiSeis. “We have co-funded this new seismic functionality in GA for this purpose. Placing seismic at our customers fingertips will democratize access, accelerate knowledge transfer and enhance the value of information in context of existing geological models.”

Find out more. On May 13, at 11:00am Pacific Time, Carla Gonzales will present “What’s new in Geoscience ANALYST 3.3”.

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