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Our geophysical consultants, geological consultants and mining industry software provide the most advanced geological modelling, interpretation, and data management solutions for mineral exploration and geotechnical hazard assessment.

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Mineral exploration consulting

From software training to model construction to senior project advisors, we provide specialized geological consulting services in modelling that fully incorporates geophysical data, exploration drillhole targeting, data management, and machine learning for exploration and geotechnical reports and objectives.

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Geological & geophysical software products

Browse through our catalogue for integrated, quantitative, and multi-disciplinary 4D and 3D geological modelling software, data management solutions, geophysical forward modelling and inversion codes, and geohazard assessment applications.

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Geoscience news & insights

Case studies
November, 17 2020

Using magnetic susceptibility measurements to define mineral exploration targets

Combining magnetic survey data with measured drillcore susceptibility data greatly increases the resolution and geometrical accuracy of the magnetic inversion...
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Geoscience ANALYST
November, 03 2020

Clustering data stored on geoh5 objects

Past event. View here or on our YouTube channel...
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Software releases
September, 02 2020

A YouTube Channel about 3D modelling

We have quite a few how-to and tutorial videos lined up on YouTube highlighting our earth modelling, interpretation, and data management software for the construction of plausible geological models.
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Case studies
June, 10 2019

Let the data speak!

Four years ago, along with DMT Group, we started working with  JSC Apatit on their Kirovski and Rasvumchorr mines that...
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Stratigraphic interpretation and modelling
March, 06 2020

Coal industry solutions

Our coal solution provides users the simplicity of 2D grid modelling with the geological complexity of 3D volumetric surface modelling...
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Software tips
February, 01 2019

FAQ – Can I use v18 with v17u2?

FAQ – Can I use SKUA-GOCAD 18 with GOCAD Mining Suite 17 update2? Yes, you can if you...
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Software tips
October, 11 2021

Coordinate display area

In Geoscience ANALYST you can get real-time feedback on the XYZ coordinates corresponding to the... ..
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Advanced geophysical interpretation, modelling and inversion
November, 03 2021

Deep Learning as an alternative to downward continuation filters for structural interpretation

Jean-Philippe Paiement is presenting a KEGS talk on November 9, 2021...
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Online training
June, 05 2020

Professional training – Data visualization

Geoscience ANALYST training courses tailored to meet your specific business needs and designed to be flexible to accommodate your schedule...
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Geoscience ANALYST
August, 28 2019

New geophysical tools in Geoscience ANALYST

Coming up later in 2019 is the launch of new geophysical tools. It includes a new interface for the industry-standard UBC-GIF forward modelling...
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Developer’s sandbox
September, 23 2020

Python applications for geoscientific problems

geoh5py and geoapps - Open format, open source code, and open licensed data! Cannot get any better than that!
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Software tips
June, 02 2021

3D seismic data

In Geoscience ANALYST you can import and visualize 3D seismic data, and plan your next seismic survey with the seismic reflection survey designer....
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About us

Advanced 3D modelling and data management solutions

Mira Geoscience stands for technology and solutions for best geoscience-based business decisions. Your return on investment is at the heart of all the strategies our geological services company employs for you. Since 1999, we have pioneered the application of advanced geological modelling, 3D-GIS technology, and 4D multidisciplinary data management in the mining industry through the integrated “Common Earth Model”. We count numerous geological survey organizations and universities amongst our clients, providing a collaborative environment for and technology development.

We supply the mining industry with practical and cost-effective multi-disciplinary 4D and 3D geological modelling and data management solutions for mineral exploration and geotechnical hazard assessment. Our client list includes most of the world’s major mining and mining-industry service companies, as well as many juniors. We count numerous geological survey organizations and universities amongst our clients, providing a collaborative environment for technology development.

We have offices in Montreal, Vancouver, Sudbury, Brisbane, and Perth, and work with an extensive network of mining-industry technical experts (geoscientists, geophysicists, geologists, geophysical consultants, etc.) to bring the right team to 3D geoscience project challenges.

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